Club Overview

Club History

Concorde Soccer Association was founded in 1982 with a handful of boys teams featuring a wealth of talent.


Our Mission

Concorde Fire is organized in a way to encourage and teach young people in our community to play soccer at the very highest level of their abilities and at the highest level of competition. The ultimate goal is to help the player achieve the highest level of self-satisfaction.

Our programs also provide opportunities for parents to appreciate and to show appreciation for the accomplishments of their player regardless of what the level of play.

Since 1982, Concorde Fire has had success in many areas of the game of soccer from the early teaching of young people to play the game through the development of teams to be state and national champions. Concorde Fire strives to achieve excellence through outstanding coaching, outstanding fields, special programs and a competitive spirit. We are proud of the success of each player, each team, each coach, each parent and each friend that contributes to that success.





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