Concorde Fire Super Y

 Concorde Fire is excited to announce the 2017 Super Y Tryout date 

Friday February 3rd.  

This is Concorde Fire's second annual season partipating in Super Y.

In our first season we sent 4 teams to the National Finals in Bradenton Florida.

U12 Boys

U13 Boys

U14 Boys

U12 Girls: National Runner Up 2016

Congrats to all the teams that made it to the National Finals!


Tryout Registration  Click Here!


Tryouts will be held at two locations:

Boys: Abbotts Hill Elementary - 5575 Abbotts Bridge Rd, Johns Creek GA 30097

6pm:     U10s (2007/08), U11s (2006), U12s (2005) 

7:30pm: U13s (2004), U14s (2003)


Girls: Ocee Elementary - 4375 Kimball Bridge Rd, Alpharetta GA 30022

6pm:     U10s (2007/08), U11s (2006), U12s (2005) 

7:30pm: U13s (2004), U14s (2003)


For questions please email Mike Gailey,


Super Y Parent Concent Form - Click here 


Super Y Waiver Form - Click here


What is Super Y?

Concorde Fire is excited to announce it will offer Super-Y this summer for the 2016 season.  For questions please email Mike Gailey,

The future of soccer lives in the Super Y-League, a professionalized system that is the first step for developing youth soccer players in North America. Affiliated with US Soccer and partnered with US Club Soccer, the league is designed for talented youth players destined for professional or international careers. Through Olympic Development (ODP) status programs and events such as the North American Finals and National ODP Camps, the nation’s top players are selected for US National Team Programs. The league is made up of a series of regional leagues within the framework of a North American league containing the top clubs and players from the United States and Canada.

This training will allow players to continue to develop over the summer in a team setting, of like ability, with expert coaching.

Many of U.S. Soccer player development mandates will be used this summer in Super-Y, like birth year registration and 7v7/9v9/11v11 formats. Concorde will offer teams at the Academy age for both boys & girls…

U10 (2007/08s)          7v7                   Roster size 14

U11 (2006s)               9v9                   Roster size 18

U12 (2005s)               11v11               Roster size 20

U13 (2004s)               11v11               Roster Size 20

14 (2003s)                 11v11               Roster size 20


Rostered players U10-U14 Boys and Girls: $425

Developmental players U10-U14 Boys and Girls: $200

Note: Developmental players are practice only but may be called up to play games.  Players wanting to get high quality training at the highest level for summer that do not make the rostered team my sign up as developmental status.

(Costs cover Super-Y registration fee, player pass fee, referee cost, field rental, training/coaching fees, administrative fees) Uniforms will be Concorde’s Fall/Spring 2015/2016 uniforms, so an additional uniform cost will be needed for non-club players.  Players and coaches travel expenses will be paid by each player. 

Training – teams will train twice per week, starting early June through July, with the exception of the week of July 4th.  Note: Developmental players will be added to these teams for training purposes.  This group could be asked to fill in for games, if needed.

Games – teams will be scheduled 10-12 games and they will be played over weekends during June/July/Aug. Teams will be competing for placement in Super-Y Nationals and additional exposure to high level play and development held annually during the winter in Florida.

Roster Size – with regards to roster size, teams will carry larger than normal size teams to allow for flexibility with summer commitments (vacation, Regional ODP camps, soccer camps, etc) while still allowing players remaining in town the numbers to hold effective team sessions for development.

Travel – To compete at the highest competitive level regionally, we anticipate 1-2 out of town travel weekends will likely occur during the 2016 season. Travel expenses will be shared by each team and teams will traveling together to share costs where applicable. 


2017 Coach List:

U10b Jason Christie 
U10g Mike Cediel 
U11b Daniel Castro 
U11g Mike Cediel 
U12b Jason Christie 
U12g Nick Mantha 
U13b Nick Mantha 
U13g Daniel Castro 
U14b Shaun Greenfield 
U14g Shaun Greenfield
U10g Byron Peters
U10b Saxon Venair 
U11b Rich Craven 
U11g Caroline Maynor 
U12b Jose Casique
U12g Saxon Venair/TBD 
U13b Saxon Venair 
U13g Rich Craven 
U14b Jose Casique 
U14g Byron Peters 


For more information on Super Y League please visit:


Mike Gailey

Concorde Fire Soccer Club

Super Y Director