Rise Elite Player Development



Concorde Fire is Partnering with

RISE Elite Player Development System with this

Unique 10-Week Program


RISE blends elements of speed, skill & strength into killer workouts designed to take your game to the next level.  Take control of your game and unlock your potential with a proven training system designed for players at all levels and used by some of the best players in the world.


Here’s how to get started:


1. Download the RISE Elite Soccer App from the App Store:  https://appsto.re/us/AKRIjb.i 


(Android and Google Play Stores have changed restrictions on apps downloaded by users under the age of 13.  Therefore, RISE is temporarily unavailable on Google Play and for Android users, but should be available by Wednesday, March 25th.  RISE is available for iPhone users).


2. Create a new account if you do not currently have the RISE App.  Parents, if your child is under the age of 13, please create an account using your email address and birth date, so that all communication will run through you. 


3. When instructed to enter a TEAM CODE use the Concorde Fire code: CFSHEP .  This will unlock the bottom 5 modules of the app and all the associated supplemental workouts for each module. 


4. Before using the app, please be sure to take a quick look at the frequently asked questions page, which will help you navigate the app:  http://risefutbol.com/faq 


5.  Get started using the workouts!


Progressing to More Challenging Workouts: 


The first phase of each workout is fairly basic and designed for younger players or players just getting started with training.  For a more advanced player, watch the video, perform the exercise and give yourself a rating of 4 stars for each exercise in a workout--then the next phase of the workout will be unlocked.  Unlocking all 3 phases of two adjacent modules will unlock the module in the next level, which is how one progresses to more challenging workouts.  Players can always go back to the previous phase by clicking the PHASE 1 tab at the top of each workout overview screen.


Using the Supplemental Workouts: 


At the workout overview screen, players can scroll down to view all the exercises in the various phases.  A list of SUPPLEMENTAL WORKOUTS appears at the bottom.  Click on any of these workouts to dig deeper into training programs for a specific skill.

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